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Get ready to enjoy our exclusive subscription-based service, designed for young dancers between the ages of 2 and 5.


For just $15.99 per month, you'll have access to a world of incredible benefits and exciting features!

At Twirl Prep Academy, we live our mission on a daily basis. Our vibrant dance community fosters both academic and personal achievements, instilling a strong sense of purpose and social responsibility, and most importantly, a deep passion for the love of learning and dance. This exceptional institution truly reflects our unwavering commitment to our values and vision in every aspect of our endeavors.


Our TPA curriculum will include focus on balance, technique, coordination, strength, and poise. One of the key areas we will be focusing on is ballet terminology. To enhance engagement and interactivity, we have curated a collection of captivating demonstration videos and interactive worksheets to complement the learning experience for our young dancers. But that’s not all! Our students will also receive personalized choreography tutorials they are encouraged to perform from memory.

Experience the difference in our approach to dance education. Our dedicated focus aims to empower young dancers by not only imparting knowledge but also ensuring long-term retention of concepts. By doing so, we enhance their dance terminology, refine dance positions, and hone overall technique. This comprehensive preparation ultimately paves the way for seamless progression into advanced dance classes and performance groups. Join us today at Twirl Prep Academy and unlock a whole new level of convenience and entertainment!


Why should I enroll my child in TPA?

Enroll your child in Twirl Prep Academy for a unique dance experience that goes beyond recreational classes. Our academy offers a focused environment where your child can receive extra dance practice and excel in their skills. By following our carefully designed curriculum, your child will stay ahead and reach new heights in their dance journey. Moreover, you'll have the chance to closely monitor their progress as they practice. At Twirl Prep Academy, we also provide opportunities for your child to master essential memorization techniques needed for performance groups. Give your child the advantage they deserve and enroll them in Twirl Prep Academy today!

Twirl Prep Academy Subscription:

Subscription Includes:
Weekly Demonstration Videos
Interactive Worksheets
Choreography Tutorials
Private FB Group

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